PARTEC Student Registration Payment Terms and Conditions

If, subsequently, payment is not made within the terms of the invoice, costs of collection of any monies overdue and payable shall include the fees for any mercantile agent or solicitor engaged by PARTEC (QLD) P/L and may bear interest at the rate of 10% per annum, under the Supreme Court Act 1995, from the overdue date.

Student Guide to PARTEC:

Here are excerpts from the Student Guide to PARTEC:

Course Fees

Most PARTEC courses are subsidised by the State Government. PARTEC is required to charge a standard tuition fee for government subsidised courses, there fees and the course price will be specified in the information brochure for the individual courses.

Additional Cost to Students

Unless otherwise stated the stated course fees will be all inclusive and no additional charges will be payable for that course.

Here’s the complete Student Guide to PARTEC