Plastics Industry Toolmaker Apprentice (Post Trade C7)

This course is suited for persons who need to advance towards a C7 skills classification with CNC specialisation and who hold a Certificate III in Engineering Mechanical. Apprentices will gain high quality CNC skills training (for HET Apprentices) leading to a C7 level trade outcome, which is specialised.

Apprenticeship Program

On completion of this program, Apprentices will be able to:

  • Write CNC Programs
  • Create and Manage 2D and 3D Code Files
  • Interpret Technical Manuals
  • Calibrate Measuring Equipment
  • Apply Engineering Design Concepts

“Queensland Government Subsidy” means subsidy from the Department of Education and Training.

  • This program for Apprentices is held in five weeks over a 12 month period, conducted as blocks of attendance over the apprenticeship period to suit employer convenience.
  • The cost of the Apprenticeship training is subsidised by the State Government through the User Choice Program. There is an annual tuition fee which the State Government requires to be paid to PARTEC for the balance of the cost.This is approximately $522 per annum, at current rates. Method of payment is negotiable.
  • When you enter into a Contract of Training (indenture) you need to specify that you want your Apprentice to attend PARTEC for off-the-job training. PARTEC can arrange for assistance to complete all the necessary forms.

For Further Information

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