Plastics Industry Toolmaker Apprentice (C10) / (C9)

This is a metals industry-based qualification which is specially customised for toolmakers who service the plastic moulding industry or work in the toolroom of a plastic moulding company. Certificate III in Engineering, Mechanical (Toolmaking) from the Nationally endorsed training package will be awarded on successful completion.

If the Apprentice already has some skills in the industry, the PARTEC Institute can assess these, so that apprenticeship time is reduced. Existing workers without a Trade Qualification and of any age may also be eligible for this Apprenticeship (Conditions Apply).

Apprenticeship Program

Stage 1 – Basic Trade Skills

  • Basic metrology
  • Lathe operations (Manual)
  • Milling operations (Manual)
  • Grinding operations (Manual)
  • Interpretation of technical drawings
  • Introduction to CAD & CAM (CNC)

Plastic Industry Applications

  • Basic Plastics Industry Moulds

Stage 2 – Intermediate Trade Skills

  • Lathe operations (CNC)
  • Milling operations (CNC)
  • Polishing operations
  • Drawing on screen (CAD)
  • EDM machining
  • Job management for CAM work

Plastic Industry Applications

  • Designing plastics industry moulds

Stage 3 – Trade Skills

  • Machining and assembling complex moulds
  • Heat treatment theory
  • New and emerging technologies
  • Advanced CNC systems
  • Mould Maintenance

Plastic Industry Applications

  • Design considerations for Plastic Parts

Essential Workplace Knowledge and Skills

  • Communication
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Working in a Team
  • Hand and Power Tools
  • Quality Control (Q.C.)
  • Task Planning
  • Mechanical Trade Maths
  • Planning and Estimating (Quotes)
  • Mentoring and Training Apprentices

“Queensland Government Subsidy” means subsidy from the Department of Education and Training.

  • This is a 4 year Apprenticeship, but experienced students can take a “fast-track” program.
  • Training toward the trade qualification involves approximately 20 weeks at college. This is usually covered in one week blocks over the Apprenticeship period to suit employer convenience.
  • When you enter into a Contract of Training (indenture) you need to specify that you want your Apprentice to attend PARTEC for off-the-job training. PARTEC can arrange for assistance to complete all the necessary forms.
  • The cost of the Apprenticeship training at PARTEC is subsidised by the State Government through the User Choice Program. There is an annual tuition fee which the State Government requires to be paid to PARTEC for the balance of the cost. This is between $350 and $450 per year at current rates. Method of payment is negotiable.

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