Plastic Extrusion Technician Apprentice

The training is conducted in a purpose-built factory environment by staff with an extensive industry background delivering the theoretical elements of the trade backed by hands on practical experience.

Apprenticeship Program

Stage 1: Basic Trade Skills

  • Introduction to Extrusion Processes
  • Introduction to Polymers
  • Operate Ancillary Equipment

Stage 2: Intermediate Trade Skills

  • Basic Extrusion Production
  • Polymer Additives and their Function
  • Extrusion Line Set-up

Stage 3: Trade Skills

  • Advanced Extrusion Production
  • Polymer Materials Testing
  • Plant Shutdown Operations


Essential Workplace Knowledge and Skills

  • Workplace Communication and Standard Operating Procedures
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Quality Principles and Concepts
  • Work Team Communication
  • Workplace Production Records
  • Quality Control Systems
  • Co-ordinating Plant Operations
  • Assist in the Provision of On The Job Training
  • It is a 3 year Apprenticeship, but experienced students can take a “fast-track” program.
  • Each of the 3 stages of training toward the trade qualification involves approximately 30 days at PARTEC. This is usually offered in one week blocks or one day each week.
  • The cost of the Apprenticeship training is subsidised by the State Government through the User Choice Program. See the brochure above for further information.

For Further Information

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