Plastic Blown Film Apprentice

The training is conducted in a purpose-built factory environment by staff with an extensive industry background delivering the theoretical elements of the trade backed by hands on practical experience.

If the apprentice already has some skills in the industry, the PARTEC Institute can assess these, so that apprenticeship time is reduced.

PARTEC can assist employers with trade recognition applications, or requests to the State Government to vary the required tradesman to apprentice ratio because this is a new trade.

Apprenticeship Program

Stage 1 – Basic Trade Skills

  • Introduction to Blown Film Production
  • Measurements and Calculations
  • Hand and Power Tools

Stage 2 – Intermediate Trade Skills

  • Basic Blown Film Production
  • Operate Ancillary Equipment
  • Set Up Equipment for Continuous Operations

Stage 3 – Trade Skills

  • Advanced Blown Film Production
  • Identify Equipment Faults
  • Change a Die and Calibration Set Up

Essential Workplace Knowledge and Skills

  • Workplace Communication and Standard Procedures
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Quality Principles and Concepts
  • Introduction to Polymer Materials
  • Workplace Production Records
  • Continuous Improvement Through Teamwork Communication
  • Polymer Materials, Properties and Additives
  • Assist in the Provision of on-the-job Training
  • Plant Shut Down and Operation
  • Troubleshoot Equipment and Production Problems
  • Sample and Test Materials and Product

“Queensland Government Subsidy” means subsidy from the Department of Education and Training.

  • This is a 3 year Apprenticeship, but experienced students can take a “fast-track” program. If the Apprentice already has some skills in the industry, the PARTEC Institute can assess these, so that the Apprenticeship time is reduced.
  • Each of the three stages of training toward the trade qualification involves approximately 30 days at college. This is usually offered in one week blocks or one day each week.
  • The trade of Blown Film Operator was approved by the State Government in February 2003.
  • The cost of the Apprenticeship training by PARTEC is subsidised by the State Government through the User Choice Program. There is an annual tuition fee which the State Government requires to be paid to PARTEC for the balance of the cost. This is between $350 and $450 per year at current rates. Method of payment is negotiable.

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