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The Polytec Course I Want is Full. What do I do?


Due to the popularity of the Polytec courses in Buttwelding, Electrofusion and Flexitec during busy months, PARTEC operates a waitlisting system. If you see a course you wish to attend marked as FULL, you can still apply for it through the registration link.

To Apply to be Waitlisted:

  1. Click on the registration link at the top of the timetable for the course you want.
  2. At the date field on the form, enter the date of the course that is full, along with the word WAITLIST.
  3. Complete the rest of the registration form and submit.
  4. When your registration is received, you will be added to the waitlist and a confirmation of this will be sent to the email address you supplied on your registration form.
  5. Should a cancellation occur, our staff will contact you to offer the date you requested.

We recommend that you book in for the next available course at a date that is suitable for you as cancellations are rare. If you wish to register for a course that is available and be waitlisted at the same time, at Step 2 (above):

  • Enter the date of the available course first,
  • followed by the words WAITLIST FOR,
  • and enter the date of the course you wish to waitlist for.

Please Note: All registrations on waitlist will be offered any courses that may be opened up between the time of their ‘full course’ and ‘available course’. Newly scheduled classes are subject to teacher availability, when their training timetable permits.

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