The training, education, and consulting capability of PARTEC comes from fully appointed, up-to-date training facilities and equipment.

To support the highest quality training needs, PARTEC is equipped with full scale manufacturing equipment and laboratory testing facilities.

The entire range of facilities is available to students. They are also available on a consultancy/hire basis for special project work. The Projects can range from simple identification analysis to lengthy R&D projects. The Training Consultants at PARTEC will assist and advise on specific projects for the industry, and co-operative research projects.

Processing and physical testing of polymeric materials

  • A 75 tonne Engel Injection Moulding Machine is fully optioned to include pick-and-place robotics.
  • A 50 Tonne Engel Injection Moulding Machine is also available for die trials and material evaluation.
  • Tensile and impact test bars can be moulded in-house and then tested using the INSTRON Tensile Testing Machine. Values for Ultimate Tensile Strength, Tensile Yield, Elongation at Break, Elastic Modulus as well as Flexural and Compression data can be obtained using this machine.
  • Mould temperature control can use heated oil controller or refrigerated chiller module.
  • A Davenport Melt Flow Apparatus and Haake Meltflixer for standard Melt Flow Index (MFI) and Melt Flow Ratio (MFR) measurements.

Software resources

  • PICAT simulation for most plastic moulding processes
  • ROTOSYM for rotomoulding training
  • Solid Works, OneCNC, ProEngineer CREO and Rhino for CAD and CAM applications
  • RITA plastic tank design by Rocheling

Fabrication and thermoforming section

  • Fully equipped workshop for classes of 8 students
  • Computer-controlled router by Laguna
  • 610mm x 610mm custom made thermoformer
  • with 25 variable heating elements
  • Solidworks and OneCNC CAD software
  • Wegener extrusion welder

Pipewelding equipment

  • The full range of Buttfusion and Electrofusion equipment can handle PE pipe from 50mm to 250mm diameter.
  • Hurner, Plasson and Friamat Electrofusion control units.

Toolmaking and metal workshop

  • Two lathes
  • Two milling machines
  • Strathclyde EDM
  • Surface grinder
  • Toolbuilding and measurement equipment
  • Five-axis (DM35 and DMG50T) CNC milling machines

Fibre-composites section

  • 500 square metre floor area
  • Setup as per a small manufacturing enterprise
  • Spray-up and glass depositor equipment (Robinson)
  • Vacuum-bagging setup
  • Spray-up booth
  • Grinding booth
  • Temperature and humidity-controlled clean room
  • for aerospace composites work
  • Gel-coat spray-up equipment (Robinson)
  • Resin-infusion systems (Absolute Vacuum)
  • 3-axis CNC router (Laguna)
  • Pre-preg storage freezer (-30oC)
  • Silicone bag centre-mould spray-up system

Extrusion equipment

  • 40mm Chubu
  • Microprocessor-controlled 35mm Conical Twin Screw Cincinnati Milicron extruder

Other equipment

  • 63mm Blown Film Line
  • Material Driers (oven and dessicant)
  • Fielder High Speed Mixer (10kg capacity)
  • 7 Tonne Smith Compression Moulder
  • 150kg/hr Granulator
  • The equipment and facilities at PARTEC are also ideal for recycling and compounding trials