NATA Accredited Mechanical Testing Service

Our Mount Gravatt Campus Laboratory offers testing services as listed below.

Main Testing Services

  • Butt Weld Tensile
  • Electrofusion Crushing Decohesion and Debonding
  • Electrofusion Weld Tensile Peel

PARTEC Testing Laboratory may also be able to assist with carrying out your other testing needs, currently outside our NATA scope. For enquiries regarding non-accredited testing, please email your details to contact us for further assistance. <contact form to>

Mechanical Testing Price List

Our prices for Buttweld Tensile Test (ISO 13953), Bend Test (BS-EN12814-1:2000), Crush Test (ISO 13955), Electrofusion Peel Test (ISO 13954) and Decohesion Test (ISO 13956)

Specimens are now as follows:

Pipe Buttweld & Electrofusion Joint Tests
  • $350 + GST per test
    Pipe sizes OD mm
    DN63, 75, 90, 110, 140, DN160
  • $695 + GST per test
    Pipe sizes OD mm
    DN180, 200, 225, 250, 280, DN315
  • $795 + GST per test
    Pipe sizes OD mm
    DN355, 400, 450, 500 – DN560
  • $895 + GST per test
    Pipe sizes OD mm
    DN630 – DN710
  • $995 + GST per test
    Pipe sizes OD mm
    DN800 – DN1000
  • $1,400 + GST per test
    Pipe sizes OD mm
    1200 and above




Supplying Samples for Mechanical Testing

  • Pipe Buttweld samples need 300-400mm of pipe either side of the weld line.
  • Pipe Electrofusion samples need 300mm pipe on either side of the fitting.
  • Sheet/membrane/liners need 150mm material on either side of the weld line.
  • Samples are held for a maximum of 1 month after testing.
Contact the PARTEC Laboratory for a full quote, enquiries about NATA accredited testing, or if you wish to arrange a test from our list of services:

National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA)
Accreditation Number: 17214

For Further Information

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