CMT-1 Vacuum-Bagging Techniques and Resin Infusion Processes

Who Is This Course For?

This course is for people making a start in the composites industry, and those wanting to formalise and expand their on-the-job knowledge and experience in vacuum processes, techniques and materials. It may also be used as a lead-in to the Trade Apprenticeship of ‘Composites Technician’.

Course Objective:

On successful completion of this course you will have the knowledge and skills and practical experience in the resin infusion processes and vacuum-bagging techniques.

Course Program:

  • Identifications / uses of consumables and hardware.
  • Identification / uses of infusion and pre-preg materials.
  • Vacuum pump requirements.
  • Vacuum processes including resin infusion and carbon/epoxy pre-pregs.


Course Cost per person:


Group Size:

  • Limited to 10 students to ensure full participation and safe working conditions, so register early to secure your place.


  • A nationally recognised training statement for ‘Operate vacuum bagging equipment’ and ‘Produce composites using vacuum bagging’ and ‘Operate resin transfer equipment’ is included in the award for this course.


For Further Information

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