EX-1 Plastic Extrusion Welding for Industrial Applications (Polytec® System)

Who Is This Course For?

The course is designed to give an understanding of extrusion welding techniques for Polyolefin Materials. The course is suitable for workers in Heavy Plastic Fabrication needing to use extrusion welding for production of tanks and pipes in their occupation.

Includes extrusion welding of heavy sheet plastic and large diameter pipe sections.


One of the following prerequisites is required to attend:
National Unit PMBPROD287E Weld Thermoplastic Materials
PARTEC course WA-1
Experienced operators may request exemption

Course Program:

Identify and operate various types of extrusion welding equipment, identify various types of plastic welding materials, prepare materials for welding, diagnose welding problems and take corrective actions, weld polyolefins to Industry standards, and Polytec Accreditation which exceeds current Australian requirements.

  • Identify required materials and equipment
  • Set up equipment and materials
  • Identify materials as being compatible for welding
  • Prepare plastics materials
  • Maintain and calibrate welding equipment
  • Weld plastics using Extrusion Equipment
  • Identify problems and take corrective actions
  • Assess quality of completed joins
  • Weld Testing
  • Standards


Course Cost per person:


Course Includes:

  • Course fee includes all lecture notes and materials.
  • National units of competency are subsidised by the Queensland Government.
  • Nationally recognised training is exempt from GST.

Group Size:

  • Limited to 8 students to ensure full participation and safe working conditions, so register early to secure your place.


  • The course is 50/50 practical and theoretical and is open to anyone with an interest in the plastics industry.
  • Assessments will be by observation of practical work and a written test.


For Further Information

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