DSP-2 Die Setting and Troubleshooting

Who Is This Course For?

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Course Program:

Change injection moulding dies
  • Locate special features on dies and determine how they will affect set up
  • Set up core pulling functions
  • Use slings and lifting equipment to change dies
  • Examine and compare methods of clamping in dies
  • Determine machine settings by measurement and calculation
Prepare and start equipment for production
  • Produce start up procedures for machinery and equipment required for production
  • Ensure product is handled and packed according to procedures when machine is handed to an operator.
Produce injection moulded product
  • Plan your work priorities based on production requirements
  • Use problem solving techniques to reduce bottlenecks in production
  • Use time management principles to prevent time wastage
  • Monitor production to achieve time and material budgets
  • Produce reports specifying requirements to improve production rates
Use materials and process knowledge to solve problems
  • Use knowledge and skills to troubleshoot production problems
  • Determine correct procedures for handling materials to prevent contamination
  • Determine correct procedures for ensuring correct material drying times and temperatures
  • Use machine control and process knowledge to determine if optimum cycle times are used
  • Use machines, mould, and polymer knowledge to provide product that meets customers specifications
Participate in continuous improvement
  • Identify your role in meeting customers requirements
  • Determine and log cause of non conformance in production
  • Use appropriate quality tools and techniques for identifying areas for improvement
  • Implement changes in systems and procedures

Course Cost per person:


Course Includes:

  • Course fee includes full colour copy of “Physical Causes and Remedies for Surfaces” book.
  • National Training Units included with this course.

Group Size:

  • Limited to 6 students to ensure full participation and safe working conditions, so register early to secure your place.


  • National Competency Units included within this course form part of the Certificate IV in Polymer Technology, and can be credited towards Trade Recognition.


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