About Us

PARTEC Institute and the Composites Training Centre

  • PARTEC is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) , and can issue qualifications which are recognised in every Australian State and Territory.
  • PARTEC has a turnover of $1.3 million and employs 12 full-time equivalent staff.
  • The Queensland Plastics Institute (QPI) grades and recognises qualifications and professional development and endorses PARTEC qualifications.


Who owns PARTEC?

  • The PARTEC facility is owned and operated by PARTEC (Qld) Pty. Ltd., a tax exempt proprietary company limited by shareholding.
  • All the issued shares are held by the original non profit group of voluntary members, Queensland Plastic Industry Training Committee Inc., simply known as “PLASTICS–ITC” .


Who Manages PARTEC?

  • Management Committee members, industry-technology subcommittees and the CEO of PLASTICS–ITC assist the Directors of the PARTEC Institute and the Composites Training Centre with operational, policy and Government liaison matters.
  • Each technology sector is advised by a Committee drawn from Local Industry Specialists, so the real needs and skills of the community are channeled directly into PARTEC.


Teaching Staff

  • Teaching staff are:
    • drawn from industry
    • accorded the highest respect for their experience and ability
    • committed industry specialists
  • Full-time staff are complemented by other part-time specialists.


Real Outcomes

  • Because PARTEC was established by the plastics industry to provide education and training for the growth of the industry, students from PARTEC complete their courses and hold positions of responsibility and trust in the industry.
  • PARTEC enables Queensland manufacturers to compete with overseas competitors for infrastructure projects. For example, courses offered by PARTEC support international standard welded plastic pipelines which are imperative in the mining, water, energy and construction sectors such as North West, Mackay, Fitzroy and Darling Downs.



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